ACRL Washington State Chapter Board Position Description: Secretary/Newsletter Editor


The Secretary/Newsletter Editor must be a member of the Washington State Chapter of ACRL.


The Secretary/Newsletter Editor will serve a two-year term, which begins July 1.


  • The Secretary/Newsletter Editor shall serve as a voting member of the Board of Directors.
  • Provide mailing labels and/or information upon request to the nominating committee, the national organization, or other library organizations, etc. as appropriate.
  • Prepare minutes for all Board and Chapter meetings. Include draft and/or final versions in the Chapter newsletter. Submit final versions to the Webmaster for inclusion in the Chapter website.
  • Edit and produce the Chapter Newsletter. Content and web responsibilities of the Newsletter Editor may be divided between the Newsletter Editor and the Webmaster, based on the skills and experience of those holding the positions. The President will confirm the decision made by the two editors.
  • Notify the Chapter membership of the publication of a new newsletter. This shall be done by sending a message to the Chapter email list.
  • Maintain a liaison list for the newsletter.
  • Keep archival copies of all appropriate documents.
  • Submit appropriate documents (including a copy of each newsletter) to the Chapter Archives at the University of Washington Libraries, Manuscripts, Special Collections, and the University Archives.
  • Send information to members about how to join the Chapter email list.


April: The spring newsletter should be completed and announced.

May: For the spring Board meeting, prepare, present and seek approval for fall membership meeting draft minutes; take spring Board meeting minutes and send to Board for review.

October: For the fall Board meeting prepare, present and seek approval for spring membership meeting draft minutes; for the Annual Membership Meeting prepare, present and seek approval for the previous fall’s Membership Meeting minutes.

November: The fall newsletter should be completed and announced.

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